Best Movies On Netflix

Today we are talking about Netflix, yes now in 2019. which movie is trending on Netflix. You can watch and get full enjoy watching this movie on Netflix. The Best Movies On Netflix list is down read full Article.


In typically understanding fashion, director clint Eastwood recreates events of 15 Jan 2009, when US airway pilot Chesley Sullenberger.

Landed a passenger plane on new york’s Hudson river. Hanks doesn’t make a big noise, but he does have an enormous presence and carries this one home with great skill and composure.


This extraordinary story from writer/ director tom Mccarthy. Which centres on a group of journalists in Boston investing children.

Being molested within the catholic church is brought vividly to life in a riveting, serious-minded drama that stricks mindfully to the facts.


Reese with person stars in big little lie director jean marc values film about a troubled young woman named cheerily strayed, who decided to hike over a 1,000 miles along the pacific crest trail to find herself.

Blade Runner 2049

Thirty-five years after Ridley Scott’s overanalysed sci-fi classic, blade runner 2049 proves an artistic and philosophical triumph, an unforgettable vision of a deracinated future from director Denis Villeneuve.

Harrison ford return as an old ex- LAPD crop Rick Deckard, befriended by Ryan gosling’s more beatific, explicitly android cop “K” during his search for a fabled replicant child.



Darren Aronofsky, gripping anxiety dream. Jennifer Lawrence plays a domestic goddess who wafts around her home, breathing life back into the building and stroking the ego of her older poet husband.

When a stranger shows up our heroine bristles, first comes ed harris’s calling surgeon, followed by his wife and sons. Events spiral, initially amusingly, then terrifying until thing get very ugly indeed.

I Am Mother

A smart, suspenseful and intriguing high concept sci-fi. The majority takes place in a high tech bunker. Inside an artificially intelligent robot named mother is raising a young woman known as the daughter.

The rest of mankind is extinct and the mother insists that nothing can survive on the outside. however, everything changes when a mysterious woman bangs on the door.

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